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The Amy Murphy Studio believes that its mission is not just how to sing well, but to help mentor AMS singers in their professional lives.


AMS has a paid internship program that fosters the youth roster of The Studio to aide in the very classes, recitals, workshops, masterclasses and intensives that they themselves were / are involved in.


AMS only hires from its client roster. Who better to help a young student with the anxiety of a group class or recital than an older student who has been in their very shoes? We support our AMS Internship program through college age and beyond. We aide our singers in having a solid first reference grounding in their professional Curriculum Vitae.

Teaching Associates

The Amy Murphy Studio takes pride in its future. We are thrilled to train the next generation of teachers. Knowledge and education survives forever.  

The Amy Murphy Method (AMM) is patented as a unique invention

(Patent Number 8,628,341; more information on the Patent section of this website).  

Applications to begin the rigorous training of becoming an AMS Teaching Associate is only available to its client roster. 

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