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Julia Gannon: NYC Lyricist, Actor, and Director:


I have adored working with AMS at all the different stages of my artistic journey. I began taking voices lessons with AMS at the age of 12, and I continue to apply the technique to this day. Amy and The Amy Murphy Studio have also been incredible champions of my musical theatre writing as well. I never cease to be amazed at how competent and confident AMS students are when learning new material. I will forever consider it an honor to have any student of AMS sing any of my songs. 

Marcelle LeBlanc: Miss Alabama's Outstanding Teen 2020-2021

Seen on Fear Street 2, Criminal Minds, and Stranger Things

I have been working with AMS for the past 8 years, and they have been the best 8 years of my life. AMS has not only given me the best vocal training and helped me feel so prepared, they has been my biggest cheerleaders. I truly don’t know where I would be without AMS and all that they have done for me! AMS is the reason that I am where I am today. I have been in situations where people have asked me where I have gotten my training, and it brings me great joy to talk about AMS and the amazing things they do! The skills and talents of AMS are second to none vocally and you will never find better out there, but you will also be loved more than you ever knew possible! 

Nate Blakley: Graduate of The University of Montevallo's

Musical Theatre BFA Program 

It’s been an honor working with Amy for the past 2 years. I met her through the University of Montevallo Theatre Department, where she teaches voice lessons. From her warmups, teaching style, knowledge, and connections. It has truly been life changing. I’ve even been given multiple opportunities through AMS when it comes to auditions and workshops for professional work. 


Even, through the pandemic I was able to continue voice lessons virtually. Which I was then introduced to Alex Kidder, that works for AMS. Alex has been an absolute joy to work with. Her luminous personality and willingness to make you the best possible, is what makes you love working with the AMS. 


I will definitely continue working with both of these wonderful ladies throughout my Musical Theatre career. And I thank them dearly for the performer and hard-worker they’re inspired me to be. 

Kasey Mixon: Music Educator and Parent of Student

I’m the Mom of a student who has been studying with AMS for 10 years!! As a music teacher myself, my level of respect and gratitude for AMS is almost impossible to put into words. The teachers are equal parts talented, brilliant, energetic, compassionate, driven, creative, resourceful, and safe. I love the way AMS encourages students to reach their goals and potential, and also cares for the whole person at the same time. AMS is “next level” in development of technique and musicality while providing a safe space for students to achieve what they never even realized as possibilities. We love AMS and it is truly one of the biggest blessings in the life of our family. 

Daniella Pigott: Parent of Student

Our daughter has been a student of AMS for the last four years and we can honestly say that the impact that AMS has had on her development has been truly remarkable. We were skeptical at first that dedicated instruction in vocal performance could make a big difference in the singing of a 7-year-old but the results were immediate and clear: her singing improved dramatically and has continued to do so. Her time with AMS has not only led to a marked improvement in her singing skill, depth and range, but has also provided additional benefits outside music, including her sense of self-confidence, skill in public speaking and discipline. Under The Amy Murphy Studio's guidance, our daughter has transformed from a novice voice student to a confident, energetic performer, landing a leading role in a school musical, successfully auditioning for a regional musical theatre company and even receiving national recognition as a member of the Broadway Youth Ensemble.

Gracie Vaughn: NYC Actor, AMS Intern, Longtime Student

I have been taking voice lessons with The Amy Murphy Studio for the past 12 years. Not only is the studio filled with incredible women who have taught me top notch technique, but they have also believed in me and supported me in every step of not just my career but my life as well. I can walk into an audition with full confidence in myself and my abilities thanks to my wonderful teachers. However, what they teach in their studio not only applies to an audition room but for anything in life as well.  

Member of Alabama's Junior League Choral Group:


During her leadership Amy Murphy has enlarged the Junior League Choral Group from 30 to 70 members. Although there are more of us, we have become a closer-knit group of friends. Amy knows each member’s name, and requests total cooperation: promptness and silence during rehearsals, and memorization of each piece. She has a knack for making each member feel important to the group.   

When we perform, Amy respects each member of the audience.  They range in age from 8 to 80.  Somehow she makes them feel they are part of the show, too. Best of all, because Amy is in control at all times, the love of Music binds us together.


One of the Old Guard, A long-time Member, A happy Alto, A Beleaguered Follower

Caroline Bates: Student

I have been a student of AMS since the age of five, and as a current junior in high school, I can genuinely say that Amy is not just a teacher for her students, but also a great friend and mentor.


Working with AMS helps singers learn how to use their voices in a way that is healthy, powerful, and controlled using her unique, patented vocal techniques. AMS Teachers make learning enjoyable for their students by taking the time to learn about their other hobbies and interests. Whether in a group class or a private lesson, AMS connects with each individual student in a way that is very special and supportive.


AMS are wonderful teachers for students of any age and experience level. They always help students reach their full potential and achieve the goals they set for themselves. Working with AMS has taught me lessons not only on how to sing, but also about preparedness, public speaking, and the kind of leader I want to be in the future.

Lindsay Steinberg: NYC Actor and Walt Disney World Performer


I started working with Alex back in spring of 2019 and since then I have only seen extreme improvements in not only my sound as a vocalist but my range as well. I am training parts of my voice that I didn’t even know existed while learning the correct and healthy way to produce sound. Alex is not only a phenomenal teacher and vocalist herself but also a remarkable human whom I cannot speak highly enough about. I am extremely grateful to be apart of the Amy Murphy Studio family! 

Taylor Brielle: Graduate of The University of Montevallo's

Musical Theatre BFA Program 

AMS has allowed me to showcase myself in every way, whether it is Jazz, Opera or Broadway! The vocal technique at this studio is like no other! AMS finds opportunities for their students to make it in this world and I am truly grateful. 


I love how AMS gets to know you on a personal level and cares not only about your vocal health but how you are feeling mentally and emotionally. Thank you AMS for believing in me and showing the do’s and don'ts of the voice. This studio is a great experience and I would not trade it for any other experience. I love AMS!!!!!

Ashley Bates: Parent of Student

A lesson at The Amy Murphy Studio is like a day at the Spa for my daughter. She leaves every lesson de-stressed, happy and ready to take on the world! Through warm-ups and the patented vocal technique, “vocal health” is AMS’s top priority!

Amy Murphy forms a deep, trusting, bond with ALL their students -A true “Vocal Mama”! The Amy Murphy studio caters to singers on every level- whether it is a student’s first voice lesson, to preparing a student for a Broadway audition, AMS Teachers treat everyone like a Rockstar!


The Amy Murphy studio is immensely professional, treats all students with respect and has the ability to bring out the best in all students. AMS Teachers have a gift of not only teaching voice to students, but also other life skills (confidence, eye contact, performance techniques, etc.). They will be ready whether they are preparing for a vocal performance or giving a book report in front of their class!

Amanda LeBlanc: Parent of Student

For the past eight years my daughter has had the privilege of being a student of The Amy Murphy Studio. Amy has taught her not just technique and form for singing but lessons of character, professionalism and responsibility. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for music and vocal technique is only surpassed by her desire to share that love and change the lives of the kids she teaches. She has been a mentor and a friend. She has held our hands and guided us through incredible opportunity and large losses and been a guiding force the entire way.  Amy always goes above and beyond what is necessary in order to help her students be successful. Her impact has been significant and we are so blessed to have her. As we enter my daughter's senior year I realize one of the things I will miss most next year when she leaves for college will be our weekly lessons with Amy who has become way more than a teacher, she has become family. 

Sarah Martin: Parent of Student

The Amy Murphy Studio is like a musical home for my family. AMS Teachers are professional, loving and caring. Whether my child is prepping for a Broadway callback in NYC or singing for a school play, their level of dedication and care for my child is unparalleled. AMS is a bright spot in our week and my children adore their teaching and compassion. Amy along with her Associates have been a huge part of my children's musical path!

Melissa McMurray: Parent of Student

My daughter, Collins, began private singing lessons with Amy in Amy’s home when she was six years old. We then grew with Amy as she grew from transistioning into group lessons and then back to private lessons in Amy’s vocal studio now. Collins then had the opportunity to be an AMS Intern once she was in high school. Each step in Collins's vocal journey with Amy was invaluable and provided life long lessons. From learning to sing in front of her peers at every group lesson to performing solos in theater, at auditions, at school, and in pageants; Collins gained confidence, learned critical character skills, became more proficient with time management and was provided with the most loving and supportive environment throughout the process. Ms. Amy is Collins vocal mama and I am grateful to her for every second she has poured into Collins and for nurturing her in ways that she could only do. 

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