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Solo Singing Classes/ Groups

The Amy Murphy Studio offers New Student Classes and AMS Advanced Classes taught by Amy Murphy. This is where the ground work of solid healthy vocal technique is taught.  

  • There are 10 scheduled lessons during the fall and spring semesters.  

  • Every singer sings / has a turn every class. Each student receives vocal technical training from Amy Murphy and works on individual songs.

  • The fall semester concentrates on audition material; we tailor each client's solo audition book, choose two audition cuts, and the semester culminates in the making of submission videos. 

  • The spring semester focuses on solo songs. We work two full songs and choose one for the recital. The year concludes with a recital in May.

  • A group class slot puts you in the cue for a regular private lesson slot with an AMS teacher, and you are the first on the cancellation list for any private lessons. Once enrolled, you receive Early Bird Special option for the following term of classes, which includes two complimentary private lessons at regular class prices. You can choose this option AND supplement as you need with extra private a la carte lessons with teacher of your choice.​

Private Lessons

The Amy Murphy Studio offers one on one lessons for your AMM training! From First-Time Singers to today’s Broadway Actors, we work with you to strengthen your healthy belt and mix, while maintaining the range and fluidity of the legit voice.  The AMM is easy to apply quickly and is extremely targeted to your specific vocal needs and repertoire challenges. 


Though The Amy Murphy Technique is a patented method, it is not rigid. We tailor to your strengths, your weaknesses, and find your own path. Singing is a wind instrument. Muscling the music out might be easier at first, but it is not sustainable. We will give you steps that make sense, that are repeatable, and that you can rely on. We will help you sing tension-free, unimpeded, and unfettered: your own unique optimum sound. 

  • Semester Lesson Packages: There are 8 or 10 scheduled private lessons per semester, with the ability to add on lessons if you so choose. These lessons provide consistency in building your AMM technique and are catered to your goals.

  • Lessons are in 30 minute increments for younger students, 45 minute sessions for advanced clients, and an hour upon request. 

  • A La Carte Lessons are available for clients who need more flexibility in their schedule. Contact the teacher of your choice below for further information. More on each AMM Certified Teacher can be found on on the Teachers page!

  • Please be advised that the Studio has a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. Should you cancel a lesson less than 24 hours in advance, you are responsible for the full lesson fee. 

If you are a prospective new student and would like to apply for private lessons, 

Click here

Speech and Debate

The Amy Murphy Method is not just for singing! AMS works with Finalists for The National Speech and Debate Tournament. The Studio uses the technique to facilitate clarity in diction, ease in tone, strengthening resonators, and sustainability in prolonged speaking.

Master Classes and NYC Intensives

AMS hosts and organizes intensives and masterclasses with some of NYC's finest, well-regarded industry professionals and instructors in the Big Apple. 

Past instructors include Jenn Colella, Randy Skinner, Craig D'Amico, Kevin Metzger-Timson, Tina Marie Cassamento, and many more!


Check AMS Social Media for the latest updates about the next NYC intensive. 

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